Professional Approach to Treatments

Hi, my name is Ping Zhang. You can call me Ping or Alice.

am self-employed licensed acupuncturist at Acupunctuur Praktijk Almere in Almere Buiten since 2019.

am experienced and professional Chinese massage therapist since 2012..

I am a member of Zhong( and KAB (

I speak excellent Chinese, fluent English and good Dutch.

My daily work is giving the treatments of traditional Chinese acupuncture, cupping, guasha and massage.

Here is the brief resume of my education background and work experience.

From March 2021 up to present

Since the outbreak of covid-19 crisis, I decided to run a home-based clinic on my own, avoiding contacting groups of people every day. It is for the benefit for the clients and myself so that each visitor has a safe feeling by not facing group traffic on the daily basis.

September 2019 – March 2021

With successful four-year education, training, practicing and apprenticeship, I gained the qualification and became a licensed acupuncturist. I work independently as an acupuncturist at Acurelease Almere and my own clinic.

August 2012 – November 2021

I have successfully run and managed De Eland Wellness House/Kwik Fix Massage in Amsterdam, providing high quality of services in traditional Chinese body and foot Massage, cupping, guasha and acupuncture. All these years I have received high appreciation and evaluation from clients. My main roles were in management, staff recruitment and training, promotion of business, as well as social media management. In addition, I have given excellent services of Chinese acupuncture, cupping, guasha and massage. Together with the great efforts and excellent work of the team, De Eland Wellness House/Kwik Fix Massage has gained its high reputation and well-recognized quality of services in Amsterdam.

September 2018 – June 2019

I studied Foundation of Western Medicine and achieved the diploma successfully. In this period, I also followed my mentor and colleague Mrs Honglin Liu, who has abundant experience in traditional Chinese medicine in acupuncture and herbal treatments, in her acupuncture clinic Acurelease Almere. With the support and help from her and her team, I built up self-confidence and work experience in field of Chinese acupuncture.

September 2015 – June 2018

I studied traditional Chinese Acupuncture at Shenzhou TCM Open University of Amsterdam and successfully graduated. Lectures, books and lots of hours of apprenticeship in different acupuncture clinics enrich me with traditional medical knowledge and work experience. (TCM is the abbreviation of traditional Chinese Medicine)

Being Licensed Acupuncturist

I am a member of Zhong and KAB as a licensed acupuncturist. Zhong is a Dutch organization of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The KAB was founded on November 1, 1996 by a number of professional associations from the complementary field as a complaints committee (complaints committee for alternative treatment methods). The reason for this was that the procedure of complaints for regular healthcare was made mandatory and these professional associations wanted to conform to this.

The costs of my acupuncture treatments can be refunded by Dutch health insurance companies if you have the insurance policy covered for them. It is possible to combine acupuncture treatments with guasha, cupping and massage.

Chinese cultural background

The following text is about some of my original Chinese cultural backgrounds, root and passion for traditional Chinese medicine. (in Dutch)

Ik ben opgegroeid in het schitterende gebied van Wuyishan, een klein stadje dat ligt aan de voet van Mount Wuyi in het zuidoosten van China. De liefde voor natuur is altijd mijn grote passie voor het dagelijkse leven en gezondheid.

De cultuur van traditionele Chinese geneeskunde ( TCG) zit diep in mijn hart. Van kinds af aan heb ik ervaard en gezien wat de effecten en voordelen van TCG behandelingen zijn. Door de jaren heen heb ik mijn eigen gezondheid goed kunnen verbeteren met TCG. Daarop besloot ik de 3-jarige TCG acupunctuur opleiding te volgen aan Shenzhou Open University of TCM Amsterdam. In oktober 2018 heb ik de opleiding succesvol afgerond. Ik heb bij verschillende ervaren Chinese acupuncturisten stage gelopen en mij zo kunnen verdiepen in de theorie en praktijk.

Mijn passie en doel is dat ik niet alleen beter voor mezelf kan zorgen, maar dat ook voor anderen kan betekenen. Ik wil mensen weer helpen op weg naar een goede gezondheid.